Loans for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery – Know Where and How to Do It!

Personal Loan for Plastic Surgery

Personal Loan for Plastic Surgery

In general, plastic surgery loans were targeted almost exclusively to fund nose surgery, mammoplasty, and breast augmentation, in addition to abdominoplasty, which is a plastic surgery done on the belly to remove surplus fats and improve visual aesthetics.

The plastic surgeries act as support to increase self-esteem, bring well-being, create confidence and improve the quality of life of patients and patients.

Despite the fact that some plastic surgery and cosmetic surgeries are necessary and cost thousands of reais, they are generally not covered by health insurance, and this is already becoming common in Brazil.

Luckily you have good news!

If you are considering performing a cosmetic procedure to improve the aesthetics of some part of your body but do not have all the cash on hand, you may consider applying for a personal loan for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery .

How can I fund plastic surgery?

How can I fund plastic surgery?

Let’s start with the most common loan modalities released for people who have good credit (high score) without forgetting the lines of financing for those with the negative name (with restriction)

  • Personal Loan: People who wish to finance medical procedures like plastic or aesthetic surgery can sometimes apply for one of the numerous types of personal loans existing. The most common is the bank loan, it allows you to borrow money with or without collateral. Depending on the loan you choose ideal for your conditions. The amount released is between R $ 3,000 and R $ 100,000, for a variable term of up to 72 months or more.
  • Credit Card: This is an option to borrow money that people ignore, but that may be worth considering. Depending on your credit limit, you can fund some or all of the cost of cosmetic surgical procedures. For those planning to use a card to pay for this type of debt, first confirm the interest rate that will be charged on the transaction, be sure to verify that you will be able to manage all the monthly payments in the plan. If you decide to purchase a new credit card for this, opt for a zero fee card so you can save your money. Some cards offer periods of up to 12 months without interest.
  • Loan for aesthetics: Some lenders are specialized in providing financing options for people seeking to obtain money to pay for treatments and medical procedures. The benefit in dealing with banks, finance companies and lenders operating in this segment is that they are probably familiar with the type of procedure you are seeking to finance and the costs that may be involved. Be sure to check all the fees that will be charged on loans of this modality as they can be considerably more expensive than those of other lines of financing.
  • Home Equity Loans: In recent years ” Home Equity ” has grown considerably – how does it work? Simply put your home or property as collateral for the loan, with this, you get lower interest rates and more competitive than in a conventional bank personal loan. In home equity loan, you can usually borrow up to about 85% of the value of your home with long terms (up to 240 months). The downside is that you run the risk of losing your home if you default.
  • Payroll Loans: Payroll is an option that can be a great resource is borrowing. This mode usually have very low rates (1.45% to 2.80%), and is very easy to qualify. The risk is almost zero for the bank and the borrower, however, it is necessary to be a civil servant or public servant, retired and / or pensioner of the INSS, military of the armed forces or workers where the private company has an agreement with banks and financial institutions to granting the payee loan (income or salary).
  • Loan with pawn: If you really want to do a plastic to improve your aesthetic easy or corporeal, this mode of credit is fast and does not query and credit analysis. In the loan with pledge, the applicant attaches something of value such as a jewelry, gold watch, diamond ring, valuable metals etc. In this alternative, you can get cash at low interest rates (2.1% per annum) without running a lot of risk of losing the collateral that is tightly pawned.
  • Check paycheck: Using paycheck to make payments seems to be out of use, but no, it is common in this segment to pay for surgical procedures with pre-dated check, it works as a secured loan. The interesting thing is that payments are parceled out, fixed and can be done up to 24/36 times.

15 Ways to Finance Your Plastic Surgery?

15 Ways to Finance Your Plastic Surgery?

The cost of plastic surgery is not cheap for whatever reason, even simpler procedures have left the pocket and finances of anyone empty for a while. Here are 10 payment options that can help you choose the right one:

15 Ways to Finance Your Plastic Surgery Without Complication
1. Conventional health plans
2. Conventional Credit Card
3. Personal Bank Loan
4. Loan with collateral – Home Equity
5. Save money for a while
6. Collective financing – Peer to Peer
7. Crowdfunding to raise funds
8. Consortium with letter of credit
9. Private medical insurance plan
10. Payroll loan
11. Loans from friends and family
12. Sell real or movable property
13. Loan with restriction – interest too high
14. Loan with loan sharks – not advisable
15. Someone’s Gift

What is the difference between plastic and aesthetic surgery?

What is the difference between plastic and aesthetic surgery?

It is common to find that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery mean the same thing, but there is a small difference that can affect your credit and financing options.

  • Aesthetic surgery – is a surgical procedure oriented to improve appearance in the pursuit of the perfection of forms and not to improve functions or treat abnormalities and diseases. In cosmetic surgery it is possible to eliminate skin defects, improve the appearance of scars, change the shape and size of the nose, chin (jaw) or breasts, remove excess fat, body fat, wrinkles, etc.
  • Plastic surgery – is one or more restorative procedures used to repair damage or defects and help the body in its functioning and appeared natural. Usually plastic surgery aims at the reconstitution of one or more parts of the human body for medical or aesthetic reasons.

Personal Loan or Health Insurance for Surgery?

Most insurance companies and companies cover only some types of plastic surgery, I can even say that it is very difficult to find one that covers 100% of the costs in cosmetic surgery.

Want to have a breast implant? For sure, you will not find insurance plans who cover this type of procedure. But what if the need is for breast reduction for health reasons? This can be covered in some specific cases or free of charge by SUS.

The only area where you may be able to get plastic surgery coverage considered, is bariatric surgery (surgery for loss and weight reduction).

Several insurers are currently able to cover the famous bariatric surgery, it is considered an “essential health benefit.”

If you are considering performing one of the two types of procedures we are mentioning, it is best to check with your health plan company to make sure it is covered or not before you think about applying for a loan to have a plastic surgery .

How to Compare Lending Options for Cosmetic Surgery?

  • Value borrowed. Before you apply for a loan to perform a cosmetic or plastic surgery , analyze your income to see if you will be able to borrow the full amount of money that will be needed. It is worth mentioning that some lenders have defined the amount of credit to be released according to income and credit history.
  • Interest rate. Every loan has interest rates, this is how banks and financiers make money. Luckily, there are numerous types of loans with variable interest rate among them, choose one that best suits your conditions.
  • Term of the loan. You can determine a realistic repayment term. Choose a portion value that you can pay in full and without going through any financial hardship. The term of payment of personal loans may affect the amount of interest applied to the final balance depending on the modality contracted.
  • Bank and financial options. Most of the country’s financial institutions, banks and lending companies have varied lines of loans and financing, as well as interest and installment repayment terms. Choose one that can offer you all the benefits you need and still help you save some money.

How to get loan for plastic surgery even negative?

Unfortunately having the name dirty, being restricted, that is, when the CPF is negative, causes many discomforts when it comes to borrowing money for any purpose.

However, having bad credit can make interest rates higher than 15% a month, (see here) however, being enrolled in the Serasa or SPC does not prevent you from doing cosmetic surgery or procedures with money financed through loans for negatives, for example.

However, before you start making your comparisons online and searching for options, it would be interesting to ask the following questions:

  • Am I sure I need to do the procedure? Aesthetic and plastic surgery is a very serious medical procedure and it may be irreversible. Before you apply for loans and commit your finances, make sure this is what you want to do without regret.
  • I know or I researched what the risks are? There are several risks associated with different types of surgeries. Research the risks of the procedure you are going to take before considering your financing options, ensure that you understand all the minor ones and where you are getting into.
  • How much will the surgery cost me? This includes surgery, extra travel costs and expenses, and the unpaid period if you have to move away from work. Figure out how much you will need to make all the necessary payments.

Save money or get a discount leaf loan? With dirty name and negative name (bad credit), your options for a loan are quite limited.

We will list only four options :

  1. You clear your name and wait until your credit score improves.
  2. It looks for a service provider that finances the surgical procedure even for negatives people.
  3. Research a lender who provides financing for your cosmetic surgery who accept assets as collateral.
  4. Use your payroll to make a paycheck on (salary, benefit, pension or pay).

Otherwise, there are still alternative lenders offering term loans with softer eligibility criteria. but with more expensive interest.

How to Register for a Cosmetic Surgery Loan?

To apply for a personal loan or financing to finance a cosmetic procedure such as a cosmetic or cosmetic surgery, compare all the options you find with your web searches and with referrals from friends.

Visit the site of the lender or financial institution for more information.

The requirements for application and approval will differ between lenders, but generally you will need to have a clean name, be over 18 and over and be a citizen or permanent resident in Brazil.

You will also need to provide the following details when you register:

– Personal data, including your name, age and proof of your identity.
– Financial details, including guarantee, proof of income (payment receipts or tax returns).
– Analyze and consult Serasa and SPC for CPF investigation.
– Your employment information if you work in a private company.

CDC – Plastic Surgery Loan on Banks in Financials

CDC - Plastic Surgery Loan on Banks in Financials

Technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing the cosmetic and beauty industry with state-of-the-art treatments and procedures that can make you feel and feel better.

As we have said, insurance plans rarely cover the cost of cosmetic procedures such as abdominoplasty, facelift and nose surgery, given the fact, the solution is to look for banks or financials, see the list of institutions that issue loans specifically for plastic:

CDC – Plastic Surgery Loan Caixa Econômica (link )
CDC – Plastic Surgery Loan Santander (link )
CDC – Plastic Surgery Loan BB Crediário (link )
CDC – Plastic Surgery Loan Banco Itaú (link )
CDC – Plastic Surgery Loan Bradesco (link )

The Master Health which is one of the best known clinics offers financing options on the official website. By accessing the site of Plástica do Sonho the user will have information of all the facilities of how it is possible to install plastic surgery. The Pro-Body is another company that offers the possibility of payment in up to 24 times.

How to get SUS plastic surgery?

How to get SUS plastic surgery?

The SUS – Unified Health System is another way to achieve a plastic surgery, but at zero cost.

If you have the patience to go through all the screening to get a plastic surgery through the SUS , the first step is to make an appointment at the Health Post or Public Hospital to be evaluated by a medical specialist.

If the physician understands that it is essential that a surgical procedure is performed on the patient, the physician will provide a guide for referral and requesting the necessary surgery as soon as possible.

It is worth mentioning that the plastic surgeries performed by the SUS are not of an aesthetic nature, in fact, the procedures are exclusively to bring to the patient well-being, self-esteem and quality of life.

There are some surgeries that are not accepted by the SUS, to know more access to the position closest to your home.

How to do plastic or aesthetic surgery abroad?

Needless to say, here in Brazil are the best specialists in all types of surgical procedures related to plastic and aesthetics.

The procedures range from :

  • The correction of problems in the skin and body that can be solved with general cosmetic surgery.
  • For men, to surgery to replace or put hair to soften the calvice or loss of hair.
  • Bariatric surgery is used as a weight loss method that helps patients to control their appetite.
  • Dental surgery for removal of teeth and / or reconstruction of the jaw bone to perform dental implants.
  • Aesthetic dentistry that is used to repair what is considered an abnormality in the mouth or teeth.
  • Laser eye surgery (to restore vision) or to correct a person’s vision and eliminate the use of glasses or contact lenses.
  • Otorhinolaryngologic surgery specialized in the ear, nose and throat with the most common procedure that is rhinoplasty for nose reshaping.

It has dozens of other aesthetic procedures, however, the cost of a plastic is not cheap, and to save some money, some people go abroad, to places like the Dominican Republic and one or other Caribbean country where cosmetic procedures, especially the facials are cheaper.

In that case, it would make it even more important to fully research the surgeon before beginning any dialogue to do procedure in your body. Although this maneuver can save some money in the short term, the level of risk exposure can be serious for health.

Surgeons in other countries may not be as regulated as here in Brazil. So, as some procedures done in other countries may not be as hygienic and safe, it has the fact that they have not fully guaranteed their rights as citizens.

If you are considering doing an aesthetic procedure, we hope that this article may have somehow clarified the possibilities, otherwise contact us, maybe we can supplement with more information.