B.Com students arrested for trying to snatch gold chain from elderly woman


Two students were arrested on Thursday for trying to steal a gold chain from an elderly woman in Nandini Layout to pay off their debt.

The accused boy and girl are classmates pursuing the final year of B.Com at a reputable college in Bengaluru.

According to the police, the accused invested ₹15,000 on an online trading app and lost the money. They took out a loan to repay the invested money and were ₹5,000 short. The duo decided to tear off a chain to get the money.

As per the plan, they targeted Gayathri KT, 65, a resident of Nandini Layout, as she was returning home from a morning walk from a park. The duo had parked their scooter and were talking to each other outside the park. By the way, the girl followed her and threw chili powder in her face and tried to rip off her chain.

Mrs. Gayathri didn’t give up despite her burning eyes and face, and held the chain tightly, making it difficult for the girl to pull it off. Meanwhile, upon spotting a biker heading towards the location, the girl left Ms Gayathri and escaped in the scooter her friend was waiting for her in.

Ms Gayathri went home, washed herself and filed a complaint with the Nandini Layout police. A case under article 393 of the CPI (attempted theft) has been registered. Police focused on the duo using analysis of CCTV footage and identification of the two-wheeler used in the crime.

The duo confessed to police that they invested money in a trading app hoping for quick returns, but lost money. They took out loans from loan apps and friends, and had dues in repayment. They searched for how to make money fast on the internet and one of the options was to commit chain robbery. They tried, but their luck ran out on the first attempt, police said.


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