George Hajjar explains how CashnGo became Australia’s go-to short-term lending service


CashnGo is one of the most popular short term loan services in Australia. The straightforward application process and quick results make it easy for people across the country to get small, short term loans for any reason. Founder George Hajjar talks about their journey to success and the passion he and his team have for helping Australians everyday.

Hi Georges thank you for your time. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is George Hajjar from CashnGo Australia. We are a short term money lending company that has helped countless Australians get a quick and easy loan, whatever their needs. We have quickly become one of the top lending companies in Australia and have built a loyal customer base that continues to grow.

What made you decide to start your CashnGo business?

People need loans for a number of different reasons throughout their lives. Whether it’s for an important reason like buying a house or a car or for a smaller reason like buying a last minute gift. Whatever your reason for needing a little extra cash, CashnGo can help you get it easily. Our innovative technology makes it easier than ever to help Australians who need a quick, short-term loan.

Who is your business for?

CashnGo is ideal for people who need less money. We offer loans of up to $ 2,000. I felt that there was a gap in the market for people who needed small, quick loans and I developed CashnGo to offer smaller loans for a shorter term. Virtually anyone with a stable income can easily apply for a small quick loan with CashnGo.

How to apply for a loan from CashnGo?

We have made applying for a loan as easy as possible for people. You can either go online or visit one of our physical self-service kiosks to complete the convenient request form. The process only takes around 5 minutes and is 100% secure so that all of your information is protected. Our technology will then provide you with a quick decision and, once approved, your money will be available within 30 minutes. Applying for a loan with CashnGo is simple and all the costs you can expect will be listed up front. Our services are available 24/7 and deliver the fastest results.

How do people repay their loans?

We aim to provide people with flexible options for repaying their loan and are sure to listen to clients and their needs. This allows us to provide solutions for everyone. We have an online dashboard where customers can view their balance and understand their refunds. During the application process, we will set up direct debit payments from your designated bank account. Each time you get paid, our refund will be issued automatically. You will receive an SMS before this happens so you can easily know when your refunds are due.

You recently became the winner of the Australian Product Reviews Award 2021 for the category ‘Short Term Loans. What makes CashnGo different from other companies?

We were delighted to be the winner of the Australian Product Reviews 2021 for Short Term Loans. We believe that we are a truly unique company that focuses on meeting customer needs. We keep developing new ways to help our clients and are committed to providing easy, hassle-free loans for all occasions. Our team is available to support you and assist you in obtaining your loan.

What’s on the horizon for CashnGo?

Our dedicated team continues to innovate and develop the simplest methods possible to help you get a loan. We are committed to our customers and hope to continue optimizing our services to provide them with the best solutions.

Thank you Georges for your time!

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