Meaning. Rubio, Warner Praise Senate Advancement of Loan Consolidation Measure


The senses. Americans Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Mark Warner (D-VA) recently applauded the Senate’s passage of their Joint Consolidation Loan Separation Act of 2021.

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The bill would provide relief to people who previously consolidated their student loan debt with their spouse. While Congress eliminated the joint consolidation loan program in 2006, it did not provide a method for borrowers to terminate existing loans in the event of domestic violence, economic abuse, or lack of government response. a former partner, Rubio and Warner said.

“Survivors of domestic violence should never have to pay their abuser’s debts,” Rubio said. “This bill would provide financial independence to survivors who previously consolidated their student loan debt with their partner. I am grateful that the Senate passed this important legislation, and I urge the House to do the same so that we can provide much-needed help to these people.

Warner said the Senate’s advancement of the legislation is a big step forward for survivors of domestic violence and financial abuse who have spent decades fighting for their financial freedom.

“By finally allowing individuals to break their joint consolidation loans, this bill will provide much-needed respite to vulnerable individuals who are unfairly held responsible for a former partner’s debt,” Warner said. “I urge my colleagues in the House to act urgently and send this bill to the President’s office as soon as possible.”


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